Soul Pancake..

I’ve recently been thinking about happiness. What does it mean? What makes us truly happy? Is it love? Food? Money? Well according to Soul Pancake on YouTube, gratitude is the key to happiness. I watched this seven minute video and I was in tears In no time. There were about 3 or 4 people chosen to call up a special person and thank them for being there for them throughout life. Some called their mothers, professors, sisters, or friends. It all just seemed to utterly sincere. They wrote a letter and read it to there special person over the phone. It felt so real, these are real people showing their love and gratitude for a person. I can now see why you can be happier if you just show more gratitude. You make others feel better and feel loved. Which in return makes you and your heart happy.

And who doesn’t want to be genuinely happy?

An experiment in gratitude


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